Power bills in summer How to reduce one?

Whether or not people accept, the electric era is here, it has begun and it is here to stay. And the one who adapts the most survives the most.

But with the raging price hikes of PG&E, adaptability becomes a huge question mark in the minds of California. Because PG&E has risen the monthly power bills of Californians to around 39% in just the last three years. And it is still planning to rise further from 2024 to 2026.

If we compare, 39% hikes in price equal 2 to 3 times the rate of inflation. At this rate, power in California has truly become a luxury product to people.

But people wouldn’t have faced these many issues and struggles if PG&E hasn’t got the monopoly position over the power supply in California. The no competition to replace has caused severe frivolities in the management of PG&E, making the prices high and the quality of services low.

Added to the top is the government’s involvement in going all-electric. And the statewide ban on natural gas appliances in 2030, is a nightmare if people don’t find a way to solve this.

One way most people solve this is by opting for solar. Because solar solves all the four-fold problem of power in California in one shot.

Here’s how:

Also, there are more other benefits for installing solar, like

1. Saves money/ Lower utility bills:
The most appealing factor of solar is saving money. Because in the majority of households, power has a major share of their total monthly expenses. With solar, you no longer need to pay those unrealistically high power bills to those utility companies.

Especially if you live in California where the power charges are high, switching to solar becomes a relief. The independence, the fixed rate of payment not affected by inflation, and the power to control your energy would be burden-free and life-changing.

2. Increased property value:
As per research by Berkeley Lab, buyers paid $15,000 more in California for a house that has a pre-installed solar system. So more and more people are now turning to solar to maximize their budgets. So if you have a property with solar installed, then it has a massive upper hand and can be easily sold or rented for a higher price.

3. Earn money via solar:
California has a policy called Net Metering. Where you get paid for the excess power sent back to the grid. For example: If your solar panels generate more power than you consume (and your panels are connected to the grid), then the excess power is sent back to the grid. And for this, you earn credit on your bill and receive cash.

4. Low maintenance:
There are no moving parts in solar. Due to this, the wear and tear cycle becomes long. So once installed the cost of maintenance is low. Also, most of the maintenance is cheap or can do it yourself.

5. Tax benefit:
The most popular tax benefit is Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Which allows homeowners to claim a credit on their federal income taxes equal to 26% of the cost of their solar installation. Also, on top, many states offer separate tax incentives for installing solar.

6. Healthy:
Unlike fossil fuels which release harmful pollutants. Producing electricity from sunlight releases none to the atmosphere. It’s nature friendly and harmless. Also, it does not deplete natural resources like water or coal. As climate change has already begun, the responsibility has to be taken on an individual level to stop it and make the planet a sustainable place.

7. Renewable:
Touching on the last point, you own the power. Not for a year or a decade but for eternal.

With all those reasons for going solar, some people are regretting not taking action earlier. But luckily, if you are reading this in the Feb and March of 2023, then Congratulations!

You may be eligible for a special program, in which you can install solar panels in your house at zero cost.

But unfortunately, this program isn’t for everyone. This program is limited to people who meet the eligibility criteria. So to check if you’re eligible, click the image below.





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