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Savings/Lower Utility Costs

The most exciting part of solar energy is saving money. For the majority of households, power expenses take up a large portion of their total monthly expenses. By switching to solar power, you can be free from those exorbitant monthly payments to greedy utility companies.

Solar becomes a huge relief especially if you reside in a state with high electricity rates. Power independence, inflation-proof, and fixed payments make budgeting easy.

Rise in Property Value

As per research by Berkeley Lab, buyers in California paid an additional $15,000 for a house with a pre-installed solar energy system. The era of solar power is already upon us. A property with a solar plant installed has an advantage and can be sold or rented easily at a premium price.

Net Metering

Many states have a policy named Net Metering. This policy allows you to earn credits for sending excess power back to the grid. Here’s how it works: If your solar panels generate more power than you consume and your panels are connected to the grid, then the surplus power is fed back into the grid. Credits are balanced when billing.

Low maintenance

Solar energy systems have no moving parts. This extends their lifespan and reduces the wear and tear cycle. Once installed, minimal maintenance is required. Mostly, you only need to replace the batteries every 15 years. Apart from that, any other maintenance is cheap or can be done by the homeowners themselves.

Tax Benefits

The most popular one is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This credit allows homeowners to receive a 30% credit on the cost incurred on solar installation in their federal income taxes. For example, if you install a solar energy system worth $10,000, you are eligible for a federal ITC of $3,000. Additionally, many states offer separate tax incentives for solar installation.

Healthy Choice

Unlike fossil fuels, which emit harmful pollutants, generating electricity from sunlight is clean and releases no harmful substances into the atmosphere. Also, it doesn’t deplete precious natural resources like water or coal. This helps move us towards a sustainable and healthy planet.


With solar, you own the power you use. As a result, you become your own utility company and gain freedom, control, and independence from inflation and price hikes.

Choose Top-Notch Solar Installers in Your Area

Each year, the process of installing solar panels gets simpler and faster. However, it’s not yet a do-it-yourself (DIY) task.

So to ensure you have a smooth transition to solar energy, we only collaborate with installers who have expertise not only in electrical work but also have received training in solar installation. Additionally, they are also well-versed in local permit regulations and fire codes, giving you a seamless and safe installation process.

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Switch to solar and become your own utility company

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