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How much money can I save with solar?

Let’s get straight to the point. As much as we love to give you a one-word, straight and direct answer, that’s not the case here.

How solar helps climate change

Climate change has become the greatest threat facing humanity. And it has already become the talk of the mainstream. If ignored, could result in serious

Misconceptions about going solar

If one asks what’s holding people from going solar, the main answer would be misconceptions. People have beliefs about solar which are neither true nor


7 Reasons why solar is Beneficial

The first solar array became commercially available in 1956. However, at $300/watt the expense was far beyond the means of civilians. By 1975, the cost


Why Solar is not for everyone

It’s true that solar is the future of residential energy and everyone is going to move to it, eventually. But there are categories of people


Why do people choose On grid over Off-grid?

People are usually confused when taking a long-term decision. It’s become more than ever in solar. As this decision is not easily reversible and neither


What is a Federal tax credit?

In simple words: They are the reward for going solar. They are also known as Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The Energy Policy Act 2005 enacted

Work With The Best Installers In The City

Every year, installing solar panels gets simpler and faster. But however, it’s not close to DIY anytime soon. 

So to give you the best switching experience, we only work with installers who are not only electricians but also has solar installation training and also has an understanding of local permits and fire codes.

Enter your pin code and get the best installers in the city

How Much Will I Save? Simple

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The Sun Is Yours

Switch to solar and be your own utility company

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