Misconceptions about going solar

If one asks what’s holding people from going solar, the main answer would be misconceptions. People have beliefs about solar which are neither true nor have any facts to back them up. This led to a lot of confusion, myths, and misconceptions. So here are 5 common beliefs which are widespread but none of them is true.

  1. Solar only works in hot sunlight: This makes people who live in cold areas resist solar. But in reality, solar doesn’t generate power using heat. Instead solar generates power using sunlight. In fact, solar works more efficiently in winter than in the hot summertime. 

Here’s how: There are photons in sunlight. When that photon hits your panel, the electrons start moving and this creates electricity. In cooler environments, like in winter, the electrons will be at low energy. So when they are hit by the sunlight (high energy), a greater difference in the voltage creates more energy. This is the reason why solar works better in winter.

  1. Solar is expensive: This statement entirely stops even the idea of going solar. As soon as someone talks about solar, the popular answer is: it’s expensive. Yes, it was expensive, but it was 25 years ago. In the past, it was $100 per watt but slowly dropped 10% every year. And currently, the price per Watt is just $3. And also what many are unaware of is the financial policies that exist to assist buyers. There is a lot of financial assistance given by banks and solar companies which makes it totally inexpensive.
  1. You have to buy batteries to go solar: There is a misconception that off-grid is the only way to solar. But there is also a method called on-gird. On-gird allows you to go solar without buying expensive batteries. Instead, your solar is connected to the power grid of your jurisdiction. From the grid, you can either purchase power or sell the excess power your solar panels produce back to the grid.
  1. Installing solar damages the roof: It is true, installing solar damages the roof. But this only happens when you install solar from an unverified solar company or install solar via PPA. If you install solar from a certified company, then they have the knowledge and experience to install solar without causing any damage to the roofs. And also these companies provide on-time services in case of any repairs or leaks. So to believe solar causes roof damage is a fallacy.
  2. Solar won’t work in cold weather or snow: Again this is one of the common. As I already said solar works not from the temperature but from the light rays of sunlight. So as long as the sunlight reaches your panels, it works. Also on top, solar panels are carefully placed at a tilted angle of 30 to 40 degrees which avoids snow building up on top. And the glass on which solar panels are built also helps to accelerate the melting process of ice. As the snow doesn’t build on panels, it receives light to generate energy.

The list may go on & on. But these are the common ones. These misconceptions are what hold many people from going solar. Yes, some of them are true, but true in the past, and all are fixed now. As solar is in its early adaptations, innovations are coming every day. So it is best to keep up with the most recent data from the trusted source to make the proper decision.

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