How solar helps climate change

Climate change has become the greatest threat facing humanity. And it has already become the talk of the mainstream. If ignored, could result in serious damage to the lives of people.

So here we will explore the connection between climate change and traditional energy sources, how solar energy can help mitigate its effects, and how solar solves this

  1. Greenhouse emissions:
    The main reason behind climate change is the greenhouse gas – CO2. And fossil fuels burnt for producing electricity are the main contributors of CO2. As all-electric is the future, burning more fossils for producing more electricity results in serious damage and vastly increases the speed of climate change.

By solar, this is totally avoided. Because solar does not emit greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, it helps control climate change.

  1. Respiratory problems
    Burning fossil fuels pollutes the air. In fact, fossil fuels are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. It releases substances like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and other harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.
    When this toxic substance is inhaled and enters the body, it causes a variety of health issues like respiratory problems, lung damage, heart disease, etc.
    All this can be avoided by opting for solar. As it releases zero pollution into the atmosphere, the air stays clean and helps you breathe healthy pure air.
  1. Increases sea levels:
    When the temperature level rises, the sea level rises. Due to the increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth sees a steady increase. This leads to rising sea levels, floods, erosion, and other natural calamities.
    As solar power decreases the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, it reduces the impact of climate change in turn reduces the rise of sea levels.
  1. Renewable energy:
    Fossil fuels are non-renewable. Meaning, once they are fully extracted, there will be no more to extract. But with the sun, that’s not the case. No matter the number of solar panels installed, the amount of energy the sun emits on a daily basis is unaffected.

For eg, the amount of energy that hit the earth by the sun in one hour can power the entire United States for one year. By going solar, people can have and own their power for eternity.

  1. Access to energy:
    Many remote areas still lack electricity due to technical difficulties or political inaction. And in many areas, power is not reliable or not affordable. The centralization of power providers makes it hard especially for low-income people. With solar, that is not the case anymore.

Solar decentralizes the authority to generate power. And helps reach power at an economical cost for people in remote areas.

All this makes solar a desirable choice for many people. Also by doing so, most problems of climate change can be drastically reduced and help build a sustainable environment.

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