Will the new Green Energy Era make Californians poor?

The current situation answers the above question precisely. Because PG&E monthly bills have risen 39% in the last three years. If you compare, it is 2 to 3 times the rate of inflation. And now it’s at an all-time high in decades. If it continues to increase, can Californians afford them?

Also, combined them with the statewide ban policy to ban all natural gas appliances in 2030. People are scared, confused, and left with nothing but to go electric. On top, It is totally unfair that the power bills are still set to increase from 2024 through 2026. 

“PG&E is the problem, I refer to them as a criminal enterprise” – Garry Bredefeld (Fresno city council member)

Unlike Texas, which has many utility providers. California is stuck with only one – PG&E. Ant they got the monopoly control over the power distribution in California. And I believe they are not going down soon.

So after seeing these mind sicking hikes, many Californians started searching for alternatives. As PG&E got the monopoly, people don’t have options for other utility providers. So the only way people can save themselves is by moving out of the city or by going solar.

But moving out of the city will not be the right option for many. So the only option people have to defend themselves is: is to go solar. Because the All-Electric Era has already begun, and people are already started adapting to them. 

But, if you ask what is the best time to go solar?

The answer is: The best time is now. Today. Because if most of the people who opt for solar, do it by taking a loan. Rarely someone has the investment ready. Also, if you take solar, at least the monthly payment won’t rise and is fixed throughout the period. Also, once you complete your loan, you own your power. You no longer have to pay unrealistic price hikes.

But why today is the best time to go solar? Because you’re going to anyway pay $200 to $250 as a power bill to PG&E next month. Why not invest that amount in an asset that is going to benefit you?

As per research by Berkeley Lab, buyers paid $15,000 more in California for a house that has a pre-installed solar system. As people are seeing the benefits, many changed their minds.

Yes, you can wait for two years, but by doing that, you’ve just made 2 year’s worth of solar more expensive. Because you could have spent the 24 months paying down a third of your system already.


Solar is not for everyone. And going solar is not the right option for many. I have explained why and everything you need to know about that and the questions you should ask before going solar on this blog: “Why Solar is not for everyone”

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